2 Flutes, Diamond coated end mills

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Diamond coating for Machining graphite, Dry cutting & High speed cutting.

Design: 2 Flute End mill ,35° Helix,  Regular length— For Slotting cutting, Side Cutting

  • Items: Diamond coated end mills
  • Coating: Diamond
  • Material: IMC™ Carbide Rod
  • Shank: Cylindrical
  • Shank Dia Tolerance: H6
  • Mill Dia Tolerance: 0-0.030
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    • 2-4 Flute Blazers Diamond coated end mills, High performance on graphite material.
    • Design: 2 Flute end mill,35° Helix, Regular Length – Slotting, Side Cutting  (UNT-EMF01.02)
    • Application: Suitable for graphite, wrought aluminum, plastics, wood, brass, etc.
      Blazers Diamond-coated carbide en mills have good results for the machining of non-ferrous metal and non-metallic materials.

    • Balzers Diamond coated end mill as High hardness 4500~6000 Hv.
    • Diamond Coating surface friction Coefficient  0.1~0.2 = very smooth.
    • More than 3.5~5 times longer  tool life, increase spindle RPM

    We are proud to offer our own line of China Solid Carbide end mills,





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