3 Flute Long Length Alu Power Carbide,economical style

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EMT economical style, Aluminum Carbide Milling Cutter for Milling aluminum and non-ferrous materials

Design: 3 Flute end mill, 45° Helix, Long Length – Slotting

  • Items: Aluminum Carbide Milling Cutters
  • Coating: Non-Coated or TiCN Coated
  • Material: IMC™ Carbide Rod
  • Shank: Cylindrical
  • Shank Dia Tolerance: H6
  • Mill Dia Tolerance: 0-0.030
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        3 Flute/3D Long Length Alu Power Carbide Slot Drill CNC tools and non-ferrous materials, Economical style

    • Design: 3 Flute end mill, 45° Helix, Long Length – Slotting (UNT-EMT12)
    • Application: suitable for High Performance in machining aluminum alloy, Copper Alloy, Graphite, plastic, a Resin material, etc.
    • Excellent surface finishes, superior chips ejection.

    • High-quality Aluminum Milling Cutters End Mill Fit for non-ferrous material,
    Carbide CNC Endmills Router bits, TiN, TiCN & TiAIN Coating is available on your need.

    • Excellent cutting qualities on Stainless steel, Aluminum, copper.

    We are proud to offer our own line of China Solid Carbide end mills,


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